Today is my father’s birthday

Windows & Light
Spirit big
in the eyes of the people I call my mother, my brother, my sister.

One of those people.


Not to say that there wasn’t another side.

I remember. Clown and dinner suits. Tears, stress and rage.

Not an Italian man who put his hand under a saw because he was punched in the face, called a b… sago and sent to the end of a queue but a

Boy who was put in Grade 2
at 13.
and pelted by stones.

3 weeks.
No more school. No way. Get out. Not like that.

Learn the hard way.

Learn the joy in giving a truck load of dirt to a woman who needs it.
Take nothing in return.

Eyes ice blue.
Smile worn and ready.

A body is long gone.

Today is my dad’s birthday.

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